Courtois: I'm ready to compete with Navas

Courtois: I’m ready to compete with Navas

The new Real Madrid buy Tibo Courtois has confirmed that he is ready to compete with Keylor Navas, Real Madrid No 1
Courtois joined Real Madrid with julen lopetegui confirmation and is expected to be Real Madrid’s main goalkeeper, but he knows that it will be hard to compete with Keylor Navas in the Real Madrid Goal. However, he is not afraid of this challenge.
He said :” Keylor is great goalkeeper and has helped Real Madrid to win the cup, but I’m here to help the team improve its qualities No one assured me that I would be fixed and I am here to compete.
about my former club, Atlético Madrid I have to say that I have a special respect for them. I think I’m still respected among their followers, but here I am.

in this situation, it really was this feeling in me. Now with more experience, I’ve gone back to La Liga, ready, more muscular, and more mature.
In many ways, I’ve made progress and will be good years to come.

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