Marvel's Spider-Man new Gameplay

New Spider Man release date announced

Insomniac Games studio, The Spider Man game producer company, reveal the final release date of Spider Man exclusively for The Playstation 4 system, as their promised. 

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While it is a date that might not be as soon as fans had hoped, it’s still relatively nearby and will be one of the first games to drop in the Fall slot of 2018.

That’s not all of the news we received on the game, however, as Sony has also detailed the various versions of the of Spider-Man that will be available alongside unveiling the game’s box art. In addition to the base version, fans will be able to purchase a Digital Deluxe version of Spider-Man that includes access post-release DLC, various skins for Spider-Man to wear in-game, and a collectible Spidey pin that will be sent out via mail. This version will retail for $79.99.

The Collector’s Edition of Spider-Man will come in at a steeper $149.99 and will include all of the same content as the Digital Deluxe version. However, it will also come with a Spider-Man bust, an art book, and a limited edition steelbook case. Pictures for both editions of the game, plus the box art, can be found at the bottom of this page.

Lastly, Sony also released a new trailer today for Spider-Man. This video is only about thirty seconds in length but it shows off the previously mentioned editions of the game, alongside some new gameplay footage. To go along with all of this, you can pre-order Spider-Man right now. Check out the trailer below.

Speaking on a personal note, I think September is a fantastic release window for Spider-Man. Even though it might not be landing in the Summer as I had hoped, this is a great launch date that should be able to get ahead of all of the other big releases of the Fall. Everything about Spider-Man has looked fantastic thus far, and we should continue to learn much, much more as we get closer to September 7.

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